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Our Reason… 2022 has been a blessing despite facing our own fair share of ups & downs. When we plot our growth on a graph, the outcome is mind blowing. As a result we are extending this love to two categories who played a major role in helping us experience these upward trends despite the economic down time.


Our deepest appreciation goes to the Almighty & nature as an ecosystem. Think about it, without nature permitting/ supporting our existence, we wouldn’t be here putting together softwares or marketing automations and heck even meeting esteemed subscribers as you is a pipeline dream.

To show how grateful we are, the team has rolled out an outreach to give back 10% of our profits from MarketingBlocks 2.0 to Foundations & Orphanages in the last week of December.


We want to thank you for believing in us and opening up our emails and jumping on our offers despite the heartbreak you experienced from affiliates & vendors in our space. You have decided to stand by us. For This We have lined up a few goodies [both PHYSICAL & DIGITAL] for you on this Gift Pack. Please Read on to learn more!

Please Read on to learn more about our special arrangement to make everyone a winner today!

[These Bonuses Are Strictly Limited To Only Those Who Pick Up Marketing Blocks 2.0 Via Our Unique Link Only]


Fast Action Bonus #1

Unlimited Commercial License To “Facebook Ad Templates” [Real World Value: $147]

8 different Facebook Ad guides you can use to create your specific ads to ensure you have all the important pieces in place.

We’ve also included the PSD versions of the Facebook Ad templates so you can quickly update the text or swap out whatever you’d like to get your Facebook Ad up and ready and looking great.

Fast Action Bonus #2

Whitelabel License To Our “Agency Brand Boosting Saas Tool” - Comes with 4-In-1 Traffic Suite + A Beautiful Dashboard for Creating & Tracking Deals With The Authorities In Your Niche. [Real World Value: $997]

In the beginning, there were many skeptics. Some thought influencer marketing was a fad. Some wrote it off as a minor tool in their arsenal.

But there are no skeptics left. From 2016-2022, the size of influencer marketing, taken at a global scale, increased from $1.7BN to $16.4BN. The main engine of this growth, TikTok, is now the third largest platform and growing. And while it still skews young, 36% of its users are now over 30-years-old.

TikTok has emerged as arguably the most potent cultural force today. Increasingly, it is a major way that we discover our world, and that includes commerce. (For one example, TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has 29.3 billion views.) The platform has also made moves toward facilitating more iCommerce. To this end, TikTok is testing out live shops, providing brands with unprecedented insight into campaigns from end-to-end. 49% of TikTok users have already reported making a purchase via the platform, but that is just the start…

Fast Action Bonus #3

Receive a Physical 512GB Pocket SSD Drive For Storage Of Large Files For Quick Access Anytime & Anywhere [Real World Value: $77]

Cloud services are great for small amounts of data that is needed quickly, anywhere, at any time and on any device. However, for larger amounts of data, local hard drive storage has the advantages of quick access to those large amounts of data, without having to download the data.

I Underlisted Some Limitations of Cloud Storage

  • Cloud Storage is Slow
  • Large amounts of data must be downloaded.
  • Recurring Payments
  • Requires ongoing storage fees for storage and access.
  • Trust
  • Can the provider be trusted?

Benefits Of Using Our Physical Pocket SSD

  • Fast
  • As technology keeps improving, transfer speeds increase.
  • One Time Cost
  • Only have to invest once.
  • Secure 
  • You are the only one who will have access
  • Redundancy
  • Store two or more drives in 2 different locations to help protect against theft, drive failure and natural disasters like fires or floods.

This is one way to increase your speed & productivity!

Fast Action Bonus #4

Receive Our Customized MarketingBlocks Branded T-Shirt With Your Favorite Quote Written On It [Real World Value: $35]

Fast Action Bonus #5

Our Beautiful 2023 MarketingBlocks Goals Companion Physical NotePad To Help You Enter The Year Strong & Exit With Authority! [Real World Value: $27]

 When you want to write something down, you want to do it quickly while the idea is still fresh. In that way, Notepad shines. 

Nowadays, smartphones are capable of nearly everything.

With the right apps, your entire life can fit into a single digital device.

But with constant notifications, pop-ups, and reminders going off, it is incredibly easy to get distracted when using your phone.

For this reason, many people find it useful to swap their phones for a physical paper notebook.

Not only does writing things down using a pen and paper help engrave information into our memories, but physical notebooks also have the power to increase your productivity and creativity.

The benefits of keeping a notebook are numerous, but we’ve outlined our top five favorite reasons for using a physical notebook below. So, if you are ready to jump on the opportunity to create better habits and be more productive, Make a Fast Move!

  1. It helps improve your memory
  2. It allows you to disconnect from digital devices.
  3. It turns your ideas into actions faster 
  4. It holds you accountable
  5. It can help you improve your day to day routine

While keeping a notebook might seem incredibly simple, it has the power to help you 

become more organized, accountable, and even become a better person.

All Upgrades Included When You Act Now!


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